Everybody likes free stuff, and since producers are in a giving mood, we might as well accept the gifts. Below you’ll find a bunch more tracks to download and add to your playlist.


VS Wallpaper: Blue (Preview / Download) & Dark (Preview / Download)

John Askew – The Witch (Indecent Noise Hard Mix) [Listen/Download]


Astrix – Type 1 (Harmonic Rush Remix) [Listen/Download]

Johan Ekman – Dream Zone [Listen/Download]

Magnus – Velvet (Activa Remix) [Listen/Download]

ReOrder – Forgotten Sunsets [Listen/Download]

Derek Palmer – Me and You [Listen/Download]

John Dopping – The Delusion [Listen/Download]

Earth Nation – Alienated (John Askew Remix) [Listen/Download]

Astrix & Pixel – Roll Over [Listen/Download]

Harmonic Rush – He’s The Pirate [Listen/Download]

Johan Ekman – What It Could Have Been [Listen/Download]

Empirion – Narcotic Influence (John Askew Remix) [Listen/Download]

Nivaya – New Logo [Listen/Download]

Solar Movement – Echowave (Lostly Remix) [Listen/Download]

Greg Downey – Aerodyne [Listen/Download]

Free tracks from Sneijder [Download / Listen]

Binary Finary vs Pulse & Sphere – High Stress (Mostfa & Mostfa Remix) [Listen / Download]


Oceanlab – Satellite (Binary Finary Rework feat. Leanne Thomas) [Listen/Download]

Arctic Moon vs Bryan Kearney vs R.E.M. – Dreamers & Religion (Arctic Moon Mashup)  [Listen / Download]

Vertical Mode – Deep Vibrations (Astrix Remix) [Listen / Download]

Astrix – Type 1 [Listen / Download]

Juno Reactor – Pistolero (Astrix Remix) [Listen / Download]

Easy Riders & Symbolic – Flashback (Astrix Remix) [Listen / Download]

Activa – Telic (John Dopping Strategy) [Listen / Download]

The best of Pulsar 2013 [Listen/Download]

Whitewater – The Unknown (Bryan Kearney Rework) [Listen / Download]

Lostly – I Had To Leave [Listen / Download]

Simon Patterson – Bulldozer (Harmonic Rush Remix) [Listen / Download]

JD vs. JXL – Childsplay Never Fades (Indecent Noise Mashup) [Listen / Download]

TMA – Breathe Code Alone (Muhammad Lee Mashup) [Listen / Download]

Indecent Noise feat. Ridgewalkers – Full Moon Fever (Power Vocal Mix) [Listen / Download]

Binary Finary – The Annex (Original Mix) [Listen / Download]

Binary Finary – The Annex (Dirkie Coetzee Remix) [Listen / Download]

3rd Moon – DNA (Amir Hussain & Alan Ruddick Remix) [Listen / Download]

Commander Tom – Are Am Eye (John Askew Remix) [Listen / Download]


John Askew – Drive The Room [Listen / Download

All past, current and future freebies will be listed here. If you know of any that I might’ve missed, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email. 😀


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