Labyr1nth – Sound Source EP

From deep within the cavernous hallways of the Research & Development laboratory complex, a sound rises. Initially faint, it gets ever closer, building in intensity and landing with a powerful thud right near your eardrums. Now that you’ve been given enough of a taste to be sufficiently intrigued, let’s take a magnifying glass to this latest R&D release, courtesy of Labyr1nth.

Sound Source

Without messing about, we go straight for the Sound Source, a delightfully thumping EP opener, taken straight out of its well-deserved acid bath. Razor sharp psy sounds envelop pretty much all there is to experience, however, they don’t overstay their welcome. There’s an inherent darkness to most psychedelic tracks, a characteristic which is very well handled here, and especially underlined by the near tribal-sounding drum line. This is a modern Psy track, but with enough of a Goa flair to appeal to even the pickiest of old school fans. Wonderful stuff.

As you may know, someone once said something about great things coming in pairs. I was planning on having a rather smart segue to the next track, but some plans just don’t work out. Scroll down, if you may, and behold the flip side of this EP.

Imaginary Numbers

The numbers may be imaginary however, the track is anything but. Making more use of reverb and delay that its EP neighbor, Imaginary Numbers also manages to underline the base a little more, creating a heavy, crunchy sounding low end. What’ this all translates to is a track with an almost industrial feel, pulsating away to the ever-increasing delight of listeners. Equally modern as the track above in the style of Psy it presents, Labyr1nth’s second offering serves as a delightful reminder of what the psychedelic sound and indeed Trance is all about: a hypnotic atmosphere and thoroughly infectious rhythm. All in all, a fantastic way to compliment the already strong title track.

If either of these has grabbed your attention, be sure to grab them at one of the links below. 🙂

Get it on: Beatport | Junodownload | Amazon

Country: UK / Style: Psy Trance / Year: 2017 / Label: Research & Development Records

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