Activa – Telic (John Dopping Strategy)

Activa – Telic (John Dopping Strategy)

On the off chance that you were paying attention to the Recoverworld channel on YouTube, you might’ve noticed a rather interesting sample pop up. As it turns out, some years after its creation, and indeed a fair few years after the creation of the source material, John Dopping‘s interpretation of Telic from Activa is finally getting a well-deserved release. Based on my post history on this blog, have a wild guess what’s next.

I do have to interrupt myself from attempting to be clever with words, by stating that before delving into what John has built on top of the track, it would perhaps be wise to provide some more details about Telic, beyond the name drop.

This Activa-produced Prog Trancer initially appeared in the Discover Records back catalogue in March of 2011, as a single titled Telic (Part One). A little later that same year, Activa’s second album, To The Point, brought us Part One and also a shorter, more ambient take, dubbed Telic (Part Two). The name of this production popped up again a year later as part of To The Point – Remixed, and since then has received an assortment of reworks, both official and non-official. Now looks to be as best a time as any to add another name to the former of the two lists, eh?

John Dopping is a name you’ve seen on this here slice of internet a few times in the past, so the re-emergence on his part may not be that surprising. What is surprising however is the way in which he’s been able to update the original.

The as always relevantly dubbed John Dopping Strategy adds another minute onto the source material, extending the experience to a comfortable 8 and a half minutes, though it doesn’t end there. Whereas Activa’s production had its fair share of melodic tones, the techier side of the Discover sound came through often times. Not so with John’s take, which is awash with clever pad placement and expansive atmospheric segments. The breakdown is where the update is most noticeable, with the glorious lead melody having more room to breathe compared to its older sibling.

This reheat is not about being flashy, or indeed about somehow supplanting the original. What is clear is that John took great care and strategically crafted his take on the track, in the process providing folks who wanted just a tad more melodic flair with the version they’ve been looking for.

You should be equally as strategic as our remixer and plonk down May 29th on your calendars, since that’s when you’ll be able to get your hands on this. Worry not, below you’ll find a sample to keep you company until then. 🙂

Oh and, while I have you here – for however brief a time – I’d also like you to cast your mind back about three years ago at John Dopping’s debut artist album, Words In Colour. The 13-track long player is making its full, unedited debut on Discover Records in June. However, like me, you’ll have to contain your excitement a tad longer, until more details emerge. And now, the sample I told you about in the paragraph above:

Release Date: 29.05.2017

Country: UK / Style: Trance / Year: 2017 / Label: Discover Records*

*Part of the Recoverworld Label Group.

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