Like the flu that just won’t go away, this little internet lot marks its 6th year online, more or less alive. Let’s see what has been and what you folks can look forward to.

The content on the blog in the past 12 months was as airy as the breakdowns you find in an uplifting track, due in no small part to some boring day to day things that got in the way. Despite their scarcity, the posts that managed to surface put forth some of my absolute favourite releases of the year, most of which even made it in the top 20.

There was a noticeable change of gears towards featuring more progressive and atmospheric tracks, even delving into some chillout and breaks in places. Hell, my track of the year was a breaks track, an unexpected result even for me (and I was the one putting together the top).

Some of you may notice the lack of a certain ReWind series both in the last year and just in general. It’s not dead, far from it in fact. It will be back with a vengeance starting next week, because there’s a delightful stash of productions I’ve been meaning to feature for a long time. And when I say a long time, I mean:


Three years is excessive whichever way you slice it, so look forward to a regular stream of recommendations in the next few weeks.

Beyond that, reviews will be going up for quite a few exciting new releases I’ve been eyeing recently. One of which is from a producer I’ve eagerly been waiting the return of.

This anniversary post may not be as massive as the ones from previous years, but let’s not kid ourselves. There’s no need for padding here. The sooner we can get back to the exciting new releases, the better.

I look forward to VS’s upcoming year(s) and I hope you folks are as excited as I am about whatever the future may hold.


So, what do you think? :)

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