[Look Back] Remix of the Year: Angry Skies (Simon Templar Remix)


Here we are, the penultimate entry in this year’s look back series: Remix of the Year. As opposed to the previous categories, this was overflowing with strong potential winners.

Take the infectious Factor B remix of North Star, the awesome Peter Steele remix of Machine, heck even the brooding progressive rework of Pocket Universe from You Are My Salvation and you’ve got some incredible candidates. Alas, there can only be one choice, and that is the fantastic Simon Templar Remix of Tilt & Maria Nayler – Angry Skies.

First released in 1999 under Deconstruction Records, this Tilt-produced Nayler-sung progressive classic then saw a re-release 8 years later under Lost Language, with remixes from Vadim Soloviev and Cressida. Celebrating its 16th year in the biz, Lost Language decided to bring back the Missing Pieces EP series, and tasked Templar with a rework of Angry Skies. No one expected this to be bad, nor did they expect how good it actually is.

There’s no mistaking that addictive Templar baseline, on top of which that bubbly acid sound resides. Amidst the satisfyingly dark progressive atmosphere, Maria Nayler’s crystal clear vocals stand out to great effect, guiding the listener to the inevitable breakdown. A mid-track moment of respite soon gives way to a wonderful, euphoric riff, backed by Nayler’s vocals. All elements reunite gliding this 2016 update to its natural conclusion.

Some will wonder if this can even stand up to the unreal Terrestrial Vocal Mix. Fear not, Simon has been able to imprint the track with his trademark sound, while still respecting the original material. This is more than worthy of you attention, getting full marks across the board. As such, Remix of the Year is a no brainer title to give to it. 🙂

I’ll be damned, what were the chances? Look, a sample:

Get it from: Beatport | iTunes | Junodownload

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Head back here tomorrow for the last post of 2016, detailing the Top 20 and Track of the Year. See you then. 🙂


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