Chris Voro & Magnus – A Story Written Before Time Travel [VA – Parallel Dimensions 3]

VA - Parallel Dimensions 3

VA – Parallel Dimensions 3

Two producers I really admire are Magnus and Chris Voro, due in no small part to their unique sounds. As you’d imagine, I was very pleased to see they were actually going to collaborate on a track, a breaks one no less. More on this mysterious track, below.

We do know that the world of Breaks isn’t exactly foreign to either Magnus (see On Point and his remix of Reactive) or Chris Voro (see The Mad House or his remix of Asynja). Using this knowledge they, akin to mad scientists, fused together their distinctive styles. What resulted from this experiment is A Story Written Before Time Travel.

Weaving Progressive and Psy together, this dynamic Breaks track takes the attention to detail to a whole new level. Like a carefully hand crafted watch, it’s full of delightful little accents, complementing its tremendous melody. Though I’ve never heard this particular stylistic fusion before, I’m very pleased by Mike and Chris’ ability to balance all these influences. As a standout segment, the breakdown is so damn good that if my music player could protest, it would, given how many times I’ve played that section.

Be sure to get it this Monday, when it gets released as part of V.I.M. Records‘ Parallel Dimensions 3 compilation. 🙂

Release Date: 15.08.2016

Country: Greece / Style: Progressive Psy Breaks / Year: 2016* / Label: V.I.M. Records

*As part of VA – Parallel Dimensions 3.

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