Huminal – Pocket Universe (You Are My Salvation Remix)

Huminal - Pocket Universe (You Are My Salvation Remix)

Huminal – Pocket Universe (YAMS Remix)

I’m one of those weird people who get tremendous enjoyment out of observing how a track builds up. Luckily, Swedish production whiz You Are My Salvation has a little treat for us all, as he takes on Huminal‘s Pocket Universe. A closer look is in order, don’t you agree?

First released in March of last year under Proton Music’s Particles imprint, Pocket Universe joined Horizontal Memories to mark Huminal‘s double track return to the label. The Dutch duo offered two exquisite Prog House slices, much to the genre’s fans’ delight. It’s now time for another pair of reworks to get into the spotlight, courtesy of Proton’s Yin::Yang Music.

Following the fundamental Chinese philosophy principle of duality forming a whole, Yin::Yang sets its sights on other tracks from the Proton catalogue. Released on the same day, the dark and light (Yin and Yang) sides of this imprint provide two stylistically contrasting reworks of the same track. And what better way to illustrate this other than by giving you an example?

Cranking the BPM up a bit and providing a noticeable run time extension, YAMS starts constructing his own spin on Pocket Universe. Contained inside an eerie, velvety smooth atmosphere, the melodic side starts to shine, providing all the right conditions for goose bumps to form. Gliding sans effort towards its main event, YAMS’s rework triggers a cascading release of dopamine, something I couldn’t be happier about. This folks, is a dark, epic,10 minute Progressive Trance journey that sounds as if it was plucked right out of a Sasha & Digweed Northern Exposure mix. Absolutely fantastic stuff.

No need to wait to get it, as YAMS’s rework is out now, exclusively on Beatport (see link below). Be sure to check out the Yin release as well, the Rick Pier O’Neil & Desaturate Remix of this same production.

Until next time, I’ll leave you to marvel at the sample below. 🙂

Out now on Beatport

Country: US / Style: Progressive Trance / Year: 2016 / Label: Yang*

*Part of Proton Music.


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