Dulcet – The End EP

Dulcet - The End EP

Dulcet – The End EP

Via the steadily growing catalogue, we’ve gotten a nice glimpse at the Research & Development modus operandi. As you may know, the usual constraints of genre or style vanish in the face of R&D’s ultimate goal, which is to promote quality music. You needn’t search for proof too long, as Dulcet‘s label debut will provide all the evidence you need. Let’s take a  peek inside.

The End

Gliding in with its velvety smooth sound is the title track of this EP, a superb slice of dark techno that’s almost too good to be true. Contrasted with the standard assortment of things you’ve seen on this site, The End is comparatively tame. Chugging along at a leisurely (but steady) pace, this production is in no rush to unveil its full potential. When it does envelop you though, you’ll be surprised at just how much depth can be contained within a smidgen over 8 minutes.

Once you’ve soaked in all the goodness of the first track, join me below for a look at the second one. 🙂


Like the title track, Roundabout has a very airy feel to it, one which stems form the sheer ease with which it glides forward. Though I may be the only one to say this, the vocal sample gives off a sort of old school house vibe. Not suffocating it under the load of too many layers, Dulcet is able to leave exposed the beautiful core of his second EP production, much to the listener’s delight. This, people, is how you make a roundabout exciting.

Bringing this frankly telegraphic attempt at a review to an end I’ll tell you only this: The End EP hits Beatport on July 4th so grab it then if you so desire. But hey, if you want to grab it from somewhere else, just wait a fortnight. Until then, you’ll have these handy sample thingies to keep you entertained. 🙂

Beatport Exclusive: 04.07.2016    |    General Release: 18.07.2016

Country: UK / Style: Techno / Year: 2016 / Label: Research & Development Records

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