Chris Voro – A Universe Inside You EP

Chris Voro - A Universe Inside You EP

Chris Voro – A Universe Inside You EP

The Research & Development laboratories are a constant source of wonderment, buzzing with activity late into the night. Every now and again, us folk are allowed to peek behind the curtain, to observe the results of R&D’s latest experiment. Such is the case now, as label favourite Chris Voro makes a long awaited return with a stunning slice of progressive trance. Lending a helping hand, Micky Noise and Harmonic Rush present their very own spins on the Voro original. More on that, below.

Original Mix 

Chris‘ A Universe Inside You has about as many facets as there are shades of colour in that artwork. You think you have a pretty good idea about what’ll happen next, but in the space of 30 seconds, this track makes you question that. Not only are the seemingly incompatible parts able to coexist, the transition between them is one of the most smooth things I’ve ever heard.

Fleeting appearances from the carefully buried psy component, along with the delightful breaks layer in the breakdown are fantastic to experience. Floating atop it all, this quote from Terrence McKenna sheds some light on the choice of title:

[…] part of the package of being a living, thinking being is that you get a universe inside of you. You get a galaxy sized object inside you […]


Oh and, Chris? You were right, I do love this track. 🙂

First in line to offer his interpretation is legendary Greek Psy Trance producer Micky Noise, of Wizzy Noise fame.

Micky Noise Remix 

After ending Wizzy Noise‘s decade run, Micky carried over the same passion and attention to detail in his subsequent solo productions. A powerful demonstration of production prowess can be found within the boundaries of his spin on A Universe Inside You.

Aiming to instantly change the atmosphere, he adds an alien sounding pad at the beginning, whilst also refitting the base line. Intent on making his mark even more noticeable, he brings the acids forward, simultaneously igniting sporadic uses of a perfectly placed gating effect. A complete reframing of the main riff provides the extra step needed to turn this rework up to 11.

To describe it simply, I’d say it’s darker, with a noticeable enhancement on the acid front and an atmosphere as distinct from the original as left is from right. A job well done.

Not so fast, we’re not done here just yet.

Harmonic Rush Remix

It’s up to Emirati producer Harmonic Rush to round off the package in style, and that is precisely what he does.

Harmonic Rush has a very unique modus operandi when it comes to constructing his productions, ensuring instant recognition. Even without the name plastered all over it, the subtle Middle Eastern influences and particular placement of the snares give you all the clues you’d ever need.

His method of weaving acids and effects together will leave you gobsmacked at the sheer ease with which it flows and reaching for the replay button more than you’ll likely admit.

Speechless is what I am right now. To be fair, if anything was capable to leave me at a loss for words, it would be something from R&D.

Be sure to grab Chris Voro‘s stunning A Universe Inside You original, along with fantastic remixes from Micky Noise and Harmonic Rush when it comes out May 16th, under Research & Development. If Beatport isn’t quite your thing, May 30th is the date to circle in your calendar.

Go on, listen to the samples. 🙂

Beatport Exclusive: 16.05.2016    |    General Release: 30.05.2016

Country: UK / Style: Progressive, Psy Trance / Year: 2016 / Label: Research & Development Records


Research & Development | Chris Voro | Micky Noise | Harmonic Rush 

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