[RWD] Quietman – The Sleeper (Man With No Name Remix)

1998 | Platipus

1998 | Platipus

The ReWind series exists as merely an aid in the discovery (or rather, rediscovery) of the unintentionally forgotten, or the often overlooked tracks of yesteryear.

Tumbleweeds have taken over the site in recent weeks, if you haven’t noticed. In my defense, life got a little in the way, so the post frequency has been less than satisfactory. To some, It might seem ironic that I’m breaking the silence with this particular producer duo.

The year was 1992, and it brought with it the second ever release from Friends, Lovers & Family, an alias which reunited the talents of Laurence Elliott-Potter, Wilf Frost and Nick Howes. Two years later, Laurence and Wilf decided to create a side project of their own, and thus Quietman was born.

Although the duo had a short run, with only 4 releases in 4 years (5 if you count their Shhhh album), they made a hell of a contribution to the Platipus back catalogue. For this ReWind feature, we’re focusing on their very last EP, The Sleeper, released in 1998.

The original was a delightful combination of trance and orchestral, near cinematic sounds. Its string backed intro and constant switching of pace made the 10 minute plus track anything but boring. In fact, it was interesting from a synth usage as well as a progression stand point. This would’ve been the end of the post, but as you see in the image above, there’s also a AA side.

Remixing this fantastic piece was not going to be the easiest of tasks, but if there’s anyone able to deliver, it’s Man With No Name. Though his original productions and albums are well known by his fans (me included), the same can’t be said about remixes. They’re not many, but they absolutely deserve all the attention they can get.

Adding a little more umph to The Sleeper and weaving into it his signature Goa influenced sounds, here’s MWNN terrific reinterpretation of Quietman‘s 1998 original:

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Country: UK / Style: Goa Trance / Year: 1998 / Label: Platipus

‘Changing my consciousness’

‘The sleeper will awaken.’

‘I see it!’

‘I’ve just had a waking dream.’

Sample taken from Dune

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