[RWD] Biri ‘N’ The Geezer – In The Beginning

2014 | WahWah

2014 | WahWah

The ReWind series exists as merely an aid in the discovery (or rather, rediscovery) of the unintentionally forgotten, or the often overlooked tracks of yesteryear.

Whilst sifting through this blog’s pile of drafts, something occurred to me: we haven’t had an Acid Techno feature in some time. Have a guess what I did next. 🙂

That’s right, I went back to the trusty (and massive) back catalogue of the legendary Stay Up Forever Collective, which has served me well in the past (check 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6). For those among you who are unaware, SUF was established in 1993 by Aaron Northmore, Chris Knowles and Julian Sandell aka Liberator DJs. Throughout its 2 decade plus lifespan, it has grown tremendously and was a major player in the history and development of the London Acid Techno sound.

Out of the many names under the SUF umbrella, I’ve chosen something from Chris Liberator, Aaron Liberator and Guy ‘Geezer’ McAffer’s WahWah imprint. Set up in 2003 due to high demand for more upfront Acid, the label has stayed consistent in its output of proper London Acid Techno-style tracks.

Looking through the track list from the 26th release on WahWah, I spotted the one to feature this week. A collaboration between Acid Techno heavywheights Biri (aka DJ Birinight, founder of U.F.O. Recordings) and The Geezer (Guy McAffer), In The Beginning is all an Acid fan could want, and more. Packed to the brim with high energy 303s and backed by a relentless pace of delivery, it will, true to label collective under which it was released, make you stay up forever.

Until next week, enjoy the fantastic original mix of Biri N The GeezerIn The Beginning:

Get it on: 909London

Country: UK / Style: Acid Techno / Year: 2014* / Label: WahWah**

*Taken from the Crazy Acid Techno Nutters EP.

**Part of the Stay Up Forever label collective.

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