VA – Missing Pieces II / Suite XVI (Part 1)

VA - Missing Pieces II / Suite XVI (Part 1)

VA – Missing Pieces II / Suite XVI (Part 1)

As a sixteen year anniversary gift from Lost Language to itself, the imprint resurrects its Missing Pieces moniker for the second in the series, and starts collecting the bits. Spanning no fewer than four parts, this is an ambitious respray of some of LL’s biggest releases. Before we take a look at the brand new material, let’s focus on the first Missing Pieces.

Having hit the shelves in 2002 as a two CD release, the Missing Pieces EP featured Tilt’s Resurrection Mix of their very own I Dream, as well as the Leama Mix of Salt Tank‘s monumental Eugina on Disc One. Disc Two proudly contained the original version of Miro‘s By Your Side, as well as Tilt‘s elusive Supernatural Dub of Invisible. The latter of the two tracks was previously included on the difficult to find third CD of release 73 from Hooj Choons.

And now that we’ve all caught up, let’s take a look at the first batch of resprays to come out of the body shop. 🙂

Roland Klinkenberg – Inner Laugh (Insert Name Remix)

Depending on your musical preference, you might be familiar with Roland Klinkenberg‘s creepy tech house original Inner Laugh. First released under the Dutchman’s Sim imprint, it was later picked up by the good folks at Lost LanguageJames Holden, Mark Shimmon vs 3rd DegreeKatcha and Steve Porter all tried their hand at remixing it on LL’s two parter 5th release. That was then, but we now have a brand new reinterpretation.

Stu McNally, better known as JOOF favourite Insert Name, puts out a reheat which straddles the line between the techy original and progressive reworks that followed it. In his 9 minute plus version, Stu complements Inner Laugh‘s unsettling atmosphere with tribal and tech influences, keeping it all dark. Like a good horror movie, this will get under your skin and never quite let you sleep at night. This remix is no laughing matter.

Next up, an absolute classic from legendary British production outfit Tilt.

Tilt – I Dream (Nicholas Bennison Remix)

To be honest, the story of I Dream is quite a complicated one. John Graham, Michael Park and Michael Wilson released their aforementioned track initially under Paul Oakenfold‘s Perfecto imprint in 1995.  It featured the Tilted Dub as well as a longer, Casa De Angeles mix which sampled the voice of Björk from Björk Cut By The Sabres Of Paradise – One Day.

Four years later, Tilt’s Resurrection Mix of this same track snuck in on the triple CD release number 73 from Hooj Choons (you might be familiar with a bit of it). Even later still, in 2002, the Resurrection Mix took the A side of Disc One from Lost Language‘s Missing Pieces EP. 2007 made this Tilt classic pop up once more in the LL back catalogue, uniting the Tilted Dub, Casa De Angeles Mix and Resurrection Mix under one release. As you’ve guessed, we now have a new one to play with.

The honour of remixing goes to accomplished producer, DJ and Propulsion Records founder Nicholas Bennison. The same drive and energy from the absolute scorcher of a collab featured previously gets translated into Nicholas’ rework. The higher BPM is not a hindrance, as mr. Bennison skillfully underlines Björk’s vocal sample from the Casa De Angeles Mix, while plunging it into a deeply spacious atmosphere. Slight psy twists can be heard all over this reheat, which only serve to heighten my appreciation of it. Properly great track.

We continue with something a little more recent.

Manmachine – Burner (Casey Rasch Remix)

Manmachine‘s Burner may be the ‘younger’ one from the track list, but it poses no less difficulty in terms of remixing. This deeply melodic prog trancer occupied the 124th spot in LL’s back catalogue, and was released back in May 2013 as part of the Where’s Cynthia EP.

LA-based DJ, producer and UNRSTRCTD label owner Casey Rasch does the honours on this one, turning in a mind bending rework that is as varied as they get. Right off the bat, the heavy psy baseline makes it clear this won’t be a walk in the park. Casey takes Burner and submerges it into a vat full of acid, before flipping it on its head and introducing some breaks into the mix. It doesn’t last though, because soon after, the heavy baseline storms in, making good use of your available audio equipment. Be careful not to get too close to it, or else you’ll get burnt.

We end with a terrific new spin on an Accadia classic. Get ready to ride Into the Dawn once more.

Accadia – Into the Dawn (Astro D & Chris Oblivion Remix)

Into the Dawn was originally released in 2001 and settled in spot number 6 of Lost Language. Its double CD release covered Progressive Trance, Breaks and Ambient between the James Holden and Ashtrax remixes as well as Accadia’s very own Ambient and Club mixes. In 2012 it was brought back with four new remixes from Mike MikhjianAmir AbbasiCham & Strange and Neptune Project. If that somehow isn’t enough for you, then no problem. Step right this way.

After providing LL with a fantastic reheat of Fixation in January of last year, Greek producers Chris Oblivion and Astro D turn in yet another refitted classic for the UK imprint. Blending its lush ambient atmosphere with their signature psy sound, the two recast Into the Dawn as a sophisticated and modern opus. The approach is much less pronounced when compared to Casey Rasch’s, Chris and Astro opting to maintain a much lower profile. At the end of the day, I might even go as far as to say this is my favourite off the EP. Awesome stuff.

Part 1 of Lost Language‘s Missing Pieces II / Suite XVI EP is out now on your digital stores of choice. Find the links below and the samples sprinkled throughout the post. Be sure to sound off in the comments if any of these four catches your eye. 🙂

Get it on: Beatport | Junodownload | Amazon

Country: UK / Style: Progressive, Psy Trance / Year: 2016 / Label: Lost Language

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