Serge Landar – Natural Power EP

Serge Landar - Natural Power EP

Serge Landar – Natural Power EP

Filling the number three spot in the catalogue of brand new Russian imprint Forescape Digital is a little something from Ukranian producer Serge LandarDark Architects’ Craig Townsend is also on hand to deliver his very own spin on the original. How about a closer look?

Original Mix

The aptly called Natural Power is a dark and steady progressive number, sitting on the edge between house and trance. Its slow pace makes the diverse blend of sounds contained in the eerie and spacious breakdown really stand out. I would go as far as to say that between the vocal sample and other sporadic synth interventions, the whole ensemble gave off an almost alien vibe. This one’s a very strong original, but how about the remix?

Craig Townsend Remix

On the flip, we get a fantastic rework from Dark Architects‘ Craig Townsend who pushes the track even more into trance territory. Craig proceeds to up the BPM and accentuate the baseline and melody, a fact which results in an even darker vibe than the original. The sharper contrast between elements made for a significantly more enjoyable listening experience, securing this rework as my favourite from the EP. Fantastic stuff.

Serge Landar‘s Natural Power, alongside the Craig Townsend remix is out now, exclusively on Beatport under Forescape Digital. Check it out for yourself via the samples provided. 🙂

Out now on Beatport General Release: 18.04.2016

Country: Russia / Style: Progressive Trance / Year: 2016 / Label: Forescape Digital

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Forescape Digital: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Serge Landar: Twitter |  Soundcloud

Craig Townsend: Twitter | Facebook


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