[RWD] VDM – Domino Runner

1998 | Rewind Records

1998 | Rewind Records

The ReWind series exists as merely an aid in the discovery (or rather, rediscovery) of the unintentionally forgotten, or the often overlooked tracks of yesteryear.

Vincent De Moor should be a familiar name to you by now (after this and this; and this), but just in case, let me show you another of the Dutchman’s creations.

Two years after Flowtation (one of the most famous tracks he created), De Moor dropped Orion City, his debut album. This 12 track LP landed on Deal Records, however a few of the productions included were actually released prior to it. Two of them shared EP space as the label opener from Combined Forces’ Rewind Records.

Sure, Magnetic might’ve been picked as the EP title track and has stolen most of the spotlight, but the B side, Domino Runner deserves an equal amount of attention. Don’t be put off by its rather short run time though, it’s able to pack a real punch in just under 6 minutes. Hints of what would later form the base of Carte Blanche can be heard in this, even if it came out reasonably early in De Moor’s career. What can I say, Domino Runner has aged very well, given it’s (almost) two decades old.

I believe some music is what you want, yes? Here, try this:

Country: The Netherlands / Style: Trance / Year: 1998 / Label: Rewind Records*

*Part of Combined Forces (later acquired by Cloud 9 Dance)

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