Mac & Monday – Xiphos [Spellbinding Records Miami WMC 2016 Sampler]

Spellbinding Records Miami WMC 2016 Sampler

Spellbinding Records Miami WMC 2016 Sampler

After remixing Benjani‘s Pulsar and Amir Hussain‘s Riffa, Hungarian producer Mac & Monday goes for the hat trick release on Spellbinding Records. This time though, Norbert was given the green light to bring out a brand new original to the UK based imprint.

It’s no secret that I absolutely loved  the Original Re.Edit of Here Comes The Snd, going so far as to name it my 2013 track of the year. Then, in 2014, Raysa comfortably snagged number 4 in VS’s yearly top 20, due in no small part to its breathtaking atmosphere. These two tracks were reason enough for me to feel a little nervous when approaching the new one, but my nervousness melted away (much like the snow outside) quite quickly.

Similar to the Greek double edged sword it’s named after, Xiphos is a damn fine weapon to have in your track arsenal. Perfecting the process of teasing to an art form, Mac & Monday reels the listener in with a terrific intro to his latest opus. Further into the production, the break gets revealed in all its glory, awash with intricate melodic layers and perfectly placed vocal chops. Wave after wave of goose bumps confirms the one thing you’ve been waiting to hear: this one is good. Really good. 

Xiphos will be released as part of the Spellbinding Records Miami WMC 2016 Sampler along with originals from Gordey Tsukanov and Martin Sand. Made to coincide with the Spellbinding label party at the 2016 Winter Music Conference in Miami (which took place on March 21st), this triple track offering is headed for a two week Beatport exclusive on March 28th. If you prefer other portals, April 11th is the date to circle in your calendar.

Until then, here’s a taste of what’s on the way:

Beatport Exclusive: 28.03.2016    |    General Release: 11.04.2016

Country: UK / Style: Trance / Year: 2016 / Label: Spellbinding Records

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