Daniel Lesden – Surreal EP

Daniel Lesden - Surreal EP

Daniel Lesden – Surreal EP

By his own admission, Daniel Lesden is not one to stick to the particular boundaries of a genre, and his latest double part single on JOOF Recordings serves as sufficient proof for anyone who seeks it. You’ll have to read on if you wish to find out more details. 🙂

Part 1 

The EP kicks off with what can be summarized as psy trance meets techno meets progressive, as outlined in the promo blurb. Though I’m familiar with the slower end of the psychedelic spectrum (or psybient as some like to call it), this particular mixture of styles is something new for me.

The psychedelic motifs have been nicely woven into the fabric of the track without occupying a large chunk of the soundscape, helping the other influences shine through. It’s deep, it’s dark and I’ll be damned if Surreal isn’t the perfect word to describe the atmosphere of Daniel’s latest opus.

Part 2

On the flip side, we get a faster track, which brings proceedings more in line with the ‘traditional’ psy trance vibe. That’s not to say the BPM increase is the only difference, since Part 2 tones down its various other influences, and shuffles things around noticeably. The main theme is altered a tad as well, and in certain places you can even hear influences hinting at Daniel’s previous work on Enuma Elish.

In the end, it all comes down to preference, which is why I’m glad these two-parter EPs are becoming a regular thing on JOOF. Part 1 is for me the undeniable highlight of this material (and I’d love to hear more of that in the future), but Part 2 serves as a great compliment to its slower EP neighbour.

All I have left to tell you is the release date of March 21st, and to direct your mouse clicks towards the two samples. Go on, click.

Release Date: 21.03.2016

Country: UK / Style: Psy Trance, Progressive, Techno / Year: 2016 / Label: JOOF Recordings

Listen. If you liked it, hit that like button. Even better still, share & comment if you liked it. 😀


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