Dreaming Cooper – Mysterious Places [Debut Album]


Dreaming Cooper – Mysterious Places [Debut Album]

The great thing about the broad spectrum of electronic music is that it caters to whatever your need may be, whether you want to get all pumped and full of energy, or just want to relax. In this post, we’re going for the latter, with the debut album from Ukranian producer Victor Khlyustov, aka Dreaming Cooper. Let’s pop the lid of this Altar Records release, and see what’s inside. 🙂

Right off the bat, Mysterious Places (the album’s title track) sets the scene for the fully immersive 9-track de-stressing opus. Its dreamy atmosphere and the psy-injected chillout vibes are incredibly well executed, to such an extent that I almost felt bad for moving on to the other productions included. Happily however, there was more awesomeness to come.

Going further down the tracklist, what struck me most about The Water Element was its beautiful, balearic guitar riff that sat so well in the arrangement. With the entire LP created with the colour blue in mind, the choice of guitar was highly appropriate, as was the title. The distant drone of Zero-G follows after, changing the atmosphere into something akin to a futuristic sci-fi movie. Building upon that, the fantastic Cold Planet, despite its short length, manages to stand out as my absolute favourite, with a genuinely interesting progression and a satisfying melodic side.

Through AndromedaCrystal CaveThe Lost World and Beyond The Edge you uncover the rest of the mysterious places, each with its own marvelous auditory landscape and unique presentation of main theme. The attention to detail is clear, with the productions flowing into one another seamlessly, much to the delight of the listener.

What lies beyond the edge is Cosmic Serenity, a fittingly mellow end of a musical journey, with a wonderful set of drums and subdued acids. This is no doubt closely following Cold Planet as yet another favourite off of this tremendous body of work.

Like a great story, this album has proper pacing and gets you hooked from its very first production. I found out about Mysterious Places by accident, via a forum post, and honestly, this is one accident I’m grateful to have had.

If you, like me, enjoy what you hear, be sure to pick up the album via Bandcamp, Junodownload or iTunes (links provided below), as it is out now. 🙂

Get it on: Bandcamp | Junodownload | iTunes

Country: Canada / Style: Downtempo / Year: 2016 / Label: Altar Records

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