You Are My Salvation – Asynja EP

You Are My Salvation - Asynja EP

You Are My Salvation – Asynja EP

Sweden’s You Are My Salvation starts his musical year with a tremendous progressive breaks debut on Greek imprint Blacked Out Recordings. Lending a helping hand, label boss Chris Voro offers his psy styled interpretation to give this package a welcome note of variety. If you’re wondering what that’s all about, read on.

I’m not quite sure if you’re aware, but I have actually been following YAMS closely ever since his remix of Healing, which, along with the one from Simon Templar, were the highlights of that EP for me. Through his remix of Genesis and the Research & Development original As The Horizon Comes Closer, I began to appreciate his music even more.

Now you have your answer as to why I was so excited at the sight of this Blacked Out release. Speaking of which, I think we should take a closer look.

Original Mix

Named after a goddess of the Æsir (the largest family of gods living in Ásgarðr – according to Norse mythology), the Swede’s newest original certainly possesses a pretty unique title. However, the uniqueness is not only skin deep, with Asynja slowly (but surely) reeling you in, thanks to the fantastic prog-breaks structure. A variety of vocal chops and melodic accents serve as guiding posts on the path towards the breakdown,  a breakdown which you have to hear for yourself to believe.

If ever there was a moment in a track that warranted the use of the word EPIC in capital letters, this would be it. I’ve heard great breakdowns before, but this one caught me completely off guard. The atmosphere is absolutely phenomenal, and the way the build-up is handled is so, so smooth, prompting me to replay it many more times than I’ll likely admit. If all goes according to plan, this might even take the top spot at the end of the year. 🙂

Since it looks like you’ve already picked you jaw up from the floor, let’s move on to the remix.

Chris Voro Remix

Label boss Chris Voro steps in to provide a thoroughly enjoyable psy styled variant, whilst still keeping the breaks side intact. The melodic elements get a subtle panning effect, helping create a feeling of space and enhancing the production as a whole.

Further into the rework, the breakdown receives a makeover of its own, resulting in a little more toned down overall vibe. I’d dare say we slip into a spacey, somewhat sci-fi atmosphere in the process, and that’s awesome. Even though length-wise Chris’ variant is shorter, the individual elements still have room to breathe, and the production is very dynamic, without the listener feeling rushed. The original is a tough act to follow, but this can comfortably hold its own against it.

No matter which of the two you fancy more, come January 25th you’ll be able to get your eager hands on it. If I were you, I’d honestly get both. 🙂

P.S.: Yes, I did attempt to pronounce the name of the track (a few times) and it all went hilariously wrong. Good thing I didn’t record it. 😀

Release Date: 25.01.2016

Country: Greece / Style: Progressive Breaks, Psy Breaks / Year: 2016 / Label: Blacked Out Recordings

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