[RWD] Binary Finary – Cryogen

1999 | Positiva

1999 | Positiva

The Rewind series exists as merely an aid in the discovery (or rather, rediscovery) of the unintentionally forgotten, or the often overlooked tracks of yesteryear.

When you think Binary FInary, your mind automatically goes to what is perhaps one of their most well known tracks, 1998. Initially released in 1997 under the Aquarius imprint, it was later picked up by Positiva and published with remixes from Matt Darey and Paul van Dyk. Through its subsequent updates (19992000, etc.) and remixes, 1998‘s reign on the dance floor was extended, though many hold a preference for the original. In August of 1999, the update with the same title came out, again, on Positiva, and although the A side is well known by trance fans, its flip side may not be.

Entitled Cryogen, the B side is every bit as interesting as its more prominently featured EP neighbour, so I believe spreading the word about it is the least I can do. Mind you, going on about how great the melody is or how awesome the acids sound is something well within my abilities, but I’d rather let the track speak for itself. It’s a damn fine slab of electronic music, however you slice it.

Until next week, I’ll leave you in the cool company of Cryogen:

Country: UK / Style: Trance / Year: 1999 / Label: Positiva

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Rewind returns next week. 😀

photo credit: No Kidding via photopin (license)


2 thoughts on “[RWD] Binary Finary – Cryogen

  1. Ahh yeah great track hidden away in the shadow of the mighty 1998! Hearing tracks like this kind of make me regret letting my parents get rid of all my CD singles from yesteryear… (although god knows where I’d keep them or what I’d listen to them on ;))

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