[Look Back] Remix of the Year: The Weeping Willow (Façade Remix)


The second to last category is Remix of the Year, something that’s new for 2015. This title is awarded to the rework that, in my view, improved the source material the most. There was indeed no shortage of choices, but three did stand out, and were the inspiration for creating this category.

The one to plant the seed of this idea was the late March release of John Dopping‘s Prediction for War Is Coming by Sloth, a fantastic psy-breaks number which finally got its well deserved feature as the closing post of Breaks Week. Mid-July we got the mysterious Simon Templar remix of Darkskye‘s The Monastery, which further cemented the belief that this category was indeed a good addition to the end of the year line-up. You’ll notice that I’ve skipped a release, the one which fits smack in the middle of the two previously mentioned. I wonder what significance that could have.

No use in beating around the bush, the June JOOF V2 release of The Weeping Willow by Splattered Implant and The Digital Blonde brought with it the winner of this category, a tremendous reimagining from Adam Thomas, aka Façade.

Though the penny didn’t drop until much later, Façade was a name I had encountered before, back in 2012, when this blog had more of a dual-language, split personality kind of a thing going on. With the mystery finally solved, I started to listen to his version of The Weeping Willow more and more, much to the potential annoyance of my neighbours. I say potential, because I do most of my listening via headphones, so the people above me can still sleep at night. 😀

It almost flew completely under my radar this, but I happened to stumble upon it via a Beatport sample (which contained the breakdown) and got the most epic of goose bumps. I wanted to hear it in context, so I sought a longer sample. The original and Satinka mixes, though good, didn’t quite manage to accentuate the sheer creepiness of that vocal sample in the break, but  Façade most certainly did. Hands down my favourite remix of 2015 and more than worthy of the title.

If you’ve somehow managed to not find out about it (I don’t blame you), here’s a sample thingy for you. For those who have known about it, go forth and listen to it again! 😀

Get it on: Beatport | iTunes | Junodownload

Be sure to follow Façade on FacebookSoundcloud and Twitter so you won’t miss a damn thing.

Check back tomorrow for the final post of 2015, detailing VS’s top 20 of the year, as well as the Track of the Year. See you then. 🙂


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