[Look Back] Album of the Year: Cosmic Trance Mission


As we get one step closer to the end of the year, the second category zooms into view, a category which poses no less difficulty in choosing the nominee. Album of the Year is what I’ll detail below, so stop reading this sentence and focus on that. Seriously, this phrase has nothing interesting left to give.

Astro NavigationAltered FictionHarmoniaTree Of Life were all in the running, and I highly recommend you go back and check them out again. With that said, I did kind of spill the beans in an earlier post, and if you took the time to read it, I commend you and appreciate your dedication. Buried near the end of that wall of text was a not so subtle hint that Robert Vadney‘s mid-October Pulsar Dark release, Cosmic Trance Mission, would indeed get this spot.

Having dabbled with other styles in recent years, Robert finally signaled his return to trance this year and CTM is as loud and clear a signal as can be. The choice of theme was one of the first things that attracted me to the LP, and the singles released prior to the full thing further convinced me that the excitement was justified. The cohesive message and sense of belonging of all these tracks were the aspects which to this day make me play it from start to finish again and again.

You’ll see people talking about the journey on which this took them, and I concur. This made the drab commute to college and back all the more interesting, and on a couple of occasions I did intentionally arrive late to courses, because I just didn’t want to let Strayed Satellite or Black Hole Zion abruptly end. Honestly, this album is an experience more than anything else, something to get lost into and enjoy to its fullest. Summing it up is not at all difficult, because Cosmic Trance Mission is like a good book, in that you enjoy every bit of it and wish it just wouldn’t end. For a more chapter by chapter approach to this long player, check the VS review here.

I won’t make you click that link if you don’t want to, but I will offer the samples once more:

Get it on: Beatport | iTunes | Junodownload | Amazon

Be sure to follow Robert Vadney on FacebookTwitterSoundcloud and YouTube so you won’t miss a thing. Check out his site, too. Oh, and while you’re at it, drop by Pulsar Dark‘s Facebook page. 🙂

Check back tomorrow to find out who to watch out for in 2016. 🙂


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