DeCode – Sky Chaser EP

DeCode - Skychaser EP

DeCode – Sky Chaser EP

With 2015 nearing its end, the previously frantic activity from earlier in the year winds down, a fact which is visible everywhere, including at Research & Development Records. However, before they go and enjoy the New Year’s celebrations, there’s one more thing they’d like to bring to your attention. That one thing is DeCode‘s second appearance on the imprint, joined by Façade on remix duties. Read on to see what’s what.

Original Mix

Paul Johnson aka DeCode opened the R&D floodgates with Circles last year, which still holds its own among the myriad of releases that have happened since. It’s now time we take a look at its follow-up.

Titled Sky Chaser, the new original starts off on a dark note, creating a satisfying, mysterious atmosphere in which the listener can get immersed. Keep listening and you’ll witness DeCode‘s latest morph into a superb breaks number with beautiful melodic accents. He manages to pull off this transformation from heavy, near dystopian sounds, into inspiring, I dare say cinematic soundscapes so, so well. Beyond these discernible elements, there’s an overall feeling of subtle sophistication to it all, which invites to a fair number of replays (in my case, many more than I’ll likely admit). Hold on a second though, there’s some more stuff in the goodie bag.

Façade Remix

Slipping into techno territory, Adam Thomas (whom you probably know better as Façade) refocuses the original on a more groove based trajectory. The melodic aspect is still very much present, however, the auditory façade undergoes a noticeable respray, with stunning results. Chugging along at a relaxing pace, Adam’s version provides a well rounded, distinct perspective on what is an already solid original. Very, very well done.

DeCode‘s awesome breaks number Sky Chaser gets joined by the stunning techno rework from Façade for a December 28th release under Research & Development Records. I invite you to check out the samples and see what you think. 🙂

Release Date: 28.12.2015

Country: UK / Style: Breaks, Techno / Year: 2015 / Label: Research & Development

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Just like last year, Vând Sunete’s review schedule ends with an R&D release. Stay tuned in the following 6 days for the nominations of Label, Album, Producer, Remix of the year, as well as who to watch out for in 2016. Oh yes, and the annual top 20 and track of the year. Nearly forgot about those. 🙂


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