VA – Internationalism Vol. 3: Galactic Trance Legends

VA - Internationalism Vol. 3 - Galactic Trance Legends

VA – Internationalism Vol. 3 – Galactic Trance Legends

After more than a decade of absence, psy fans can rejoice, as Spiral Trax gets ready to unleash the third installment of its Internationalism compilation series, dubbed Galactic Trance Legends. I could cryptically end the post here, but a closer look at what’s inside is in order, so let’s get the ball rolling.

It looks like with each new version, the Internationalism series keeps adding to the total number of tracks included, as volume 1 and 2 offered 8 and 9 productions respectively, whereas the third one rounds it off at 10. These ten charged psy numbers are what you’ll get a glimpse into in the following paragraphs.

Things get off to an explosive start with Supernova, courtesy of France’s Total Eclipse (a name which should ring a bell) as Stephane churns out a hard, dark psychedelic arrangement which carries the Total Eclipse name forward. Older fans will feel at home with this, since the sound acts as pretty much a trigger for all sorts of nostalgia.

Not to be overshadowed by the opening track,  Colin OOOD (Out Of Our Depth) strikes a collaboration with  Outer World Elements as the UK and Greece collide for Train Of Thoughts. Sprinkled with the distant sounds of wailing train whistles, and sporting a tremendously dynamic arrangement, this is one train you’ll definitely rush to the station to get aboard of.

Next up, Italy’s Pleiadians (or maybe you’re more familiar with them as Etnica?) take Pleione (which was previously available only on their Alpha Draco live album) and give it a sci-fi injected Morning Mix. This’ll comfortably replace your alarm sound.

As we continue, Mumbo Jumbo‘s Holographic Demons get a makeover courtesy of Bill Halsey aka Cosmosis, who pumps it up a tad, twisting and turning en route to the climax and eventual finale of the production.

We return to Italy for a superbly driving psy number from Arkanoydz, the result of collaboration between Giotto Bini, Young Kim and former Etnica and Pleiadians member Andrea Rizzo. Together, they deliver Lothlorien which, like the J.R.R. Tolkien legendarium namesake, is one of the most beautiful productions off of this compilation.

Halfway through this journey, I propose we take a breather, as we wouldn’t want to get too tired. Done? Ok, let’s continue.

Kicking into the second part of the LP, we encounter the fantastic Mariano Tur aka Vimana reshuffle of Swedish production outfit Chromosome‘s 2008 track Spirit Molecule. Full of modulations and interesting soundscapes, the remix gives a noteworthy update to the awesome original.

Going even further down the track list, one sees Alien Project, a name which I’ve personally encountered via the Orbital Vibes remix of Race, his collaboration with Space Cat (as Alien vs. The Cat) and his solo original Stereophonic Sound. On this occasion, One Good from Alien Project’s 2002 Aztechno Dream album gets a storming and heavily acidized rework from Frenchman Stryker. Really, really awesome stuff.

For number 8 we get a brand new 2015 in-house reheat of Saiko-Pod‘s 2000 track Pling Pong. A heavy respray of this 15 year old psy classic that brings it right up to date.

The ninth spot goes to Astro-D‘s tremendous update of the timeless 1996 classic Lepton Head from Seb Taylor aka Shakta. To describe it in few words, it puts a satisfying new twist on a near 2 decade old production, giving a respectful nod to the original material.

Last but most certainly not least, a slightly more unusual compilation ender comes from the delightfully quirky Dub Six Version via Germany’s Saafi Brothers, which helps soften the landing after such a long journey through sound. It’s no doubt an element of uniqueness amidst the roaring psy numbers above.

This immovable wall of text above is a very tiny glimpse into the upcoming Internationalism Volume 3 – Galactic Trance Legends compilation, put together by Astro-D and Dr. Spook. It’s headed for a global release on Christmas Day, December 25th under Spiral Trax. Check the available samples below. 🙂

Global Release: 25.12.2015

Grab it via Psyshop

Country: Sweden / Style: Psy Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Spiral Trax

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