Sean Tyas – Degeneration (Vol. 2)

Sean Tyas - Degeneration Volume 2

Sean Tyas – Degeneration Volume 2

Sean Tyas is a name that needs no introduction, due to his distinctive sound and versatility, which has gotten him a loyal global fan base. This aforementioned versatility is showcased beautifully in the second of his trio of Degeneration EPs, released in anticipation of his album due in February of next year. Let’s see what’s inside Volume 2.


First up is the the crisp psy-trancer Vagabond, with the usually pronounced base and a 90s-esque lead that is as unique as they get in 2015. Full of energy and drive, satisfying twists and superb sound control, it continues where Hive left off, and makes you keep reaching for the replay button. Top notch stuff.


Slipping into techno territory, the monstrous Ambush unleashes a cascade of hard sounds towards the listener, creating a vibe that’s reminiscent of older Stay Up Forever releases. The heavy reliance on the good ‘ol 303 acid makes this one kind of ambush that’ll most likely give you Stockholm Syndrome, but you’ll be all the more grateful for it. It’s indeed that good.


And finally, we come to my personal favourite off of the EP, the spectacular Liquid DnB number that is Diffuse. An incredibly dynamic track, that wouldn’t be out of place in movie chase scene, the third of this trio is an elegant demonstration of Sean’s production prowess and attention to detail. I honestly could not get this damn thing out of my head, which says a lot, given the two other productions it shares EP space with.

Sean TyasDegeneration Volume 2 will be released this Monday, December 14th under Black Hole Recordings. Treat yourself to these awesome samples, below (and above). 🙂

Release Date: 14.12.2015

Country: The Netherlands / Style: Psy Trance, Techno, Liquid DnB / Year: 2015 / Label: Black Hole Recordings

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