Sound Apparel – Vivere Est Militare (I Was Alone)

Sound Apparel - Vivere Est Militare (I Was Alone) EP

Sound Apparel – Vivere Est Militare (I Was Alone)

After Aeterna Historia back in May, comes Sound Apparel‘s follow-up production on, you guessed it, Pulsar Recordings. Exactly what is going on in Dmitry’s latest track, you ask? Let’s see below.

Vivere Est Militare (I Was Alone) is a title that’s not only pretty unique, but also hints at the length of the track, the 10 minute mark being passed with ease. Such a long run time lends itself to a healthy amount of experimentation, which is why Vivere Est Militare is full of twists and turns, flowing from the base roller, vocal-chop laden , string heavy intro, into the calm, piano-led initial section of the breakdown, and beyond. The piano soon gives way to the string ensemble, with the violins taking most of the spotlight, imprinting the whole track with a near Western movie feel. As far as the arp that follows is concerned, it reminded me to some extent of Sanctum, one of my personal favourites from him, and something featured previously on VS.

The end sees a fusion between the aforementioned arp, violins and vocal chops in what is perhaps a difficult to stomach combination for some, but I enjoyed it very much. An epic orchestral uplifter that certainly stands out and, as far as I’m concerned, continues Sound Apparel‘s unbroken string of quality uplifters.

Yes, the package also includes an Alternative Version, with a few changes on the synth and release side of things, coupled with a tad shorter run time, but you’ll have to explore that on your own, when you get your hands on it.

Sound Apparel‘s Vivere Est Militare (I Was Alone) will be released on the 14th of December, under Pulsar Recordings. Check it out below:

Release Date: 14.12.2015

Country: Serbia / Style: Uplifting Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Pulsar Recordings

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