Eddie Bitar – Panorama

Eddie Bitar - Panorama

Eddie Bitar – Panorama

After more of a psy infusion this year, Eddie Bitar turns to legendary imprint In Trance We Trust for the latest weapon in his music arsenal, one that pins the needle firmly in the uplifting camp. The ins and outs of his latest single, below.

Panorama, as it’s been dubbed, starts off with its crisp sound and booming kick providing a bit of a smoke screen, and thus making the listener believe this is another of Eddie’s signature psy-tech bangers. As the smoke clears, and the breakdown takes full control, you get to experience what is in my opinion one of the best main riffs of any 2015 track, helped along by some strategically placed vocal interventions. Not long after, Eddie opens the taps, engages another set of pad-like vocals, fires up the snares, and guides Panorama towards its anthem point, on a journey which makes this eerily atmospheric trancer really shine. The view from up top this soundscape is quite the sight to behold.

You’ll be able to fully enjoy the view starting Monday, December 7th. Until then, have a listen to the preview below:

Release Date: 07.12.2015

Country: The Netherlands / Style: Uplifting Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: In Trance We Trust*

*Part of Black Hole Recordings.

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