Sonic Element – Evolve

Sonic Element - Evolve

Sonic Element – Evolve

Some months have gone by since we last saw a Sonic Element single, but the time has finally come for the latest in the Australian producer’s catalogue to hit your speakers thanks to the good folks at Transistic Records. The specifics await the curious reader below.

For those of you with an eye on the digital stores, the name Evolve should be reasonably familiar, as it was released earlier in the year as part of the Trance Nation compilation, mixed by Simon Patterson. However, experiencing the edit is nowhere near as satisfying as the full thing, something I’m sure you’d agree with. That’s why we’re at last presented with the full original mix, in all its glory.

Uplifters these days generally don’t get my attention quite the way they used to (with exceptions, of course), but I thoroughly enjoy Fotis’ releases. They succeed in capturing the old uplifting feeling, while also sounding crisp and not at all bland or generic. The latest is a testament to his production abilities, with a drive reminiscent to Destruction and a delightfully catchy melody as one has become accustomed with from Sonic Element. Taste is subjective, but quality is not, and what you’ll listen to below is no doubt a high caliber representation of all that’s great about the modern uplifting sound.

I’d normally end the post here, but there’s something else that needs to be said, though that means wrapping things up on a rather sad note. Evolve is from what Fotis himself said, his last single, a decision which comes after a lot of thought. I want to thank Sonic Element for everything he has done for the scene and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. In case you’re not familiar with his work, click here for the little playlist I’ve compiled with all his originals (save for Paint The Blue, that production hid so well I couldn’t find it). Let’s be honest though, Evolve is one hell of a track to go out on. 😀

You eager folks will be able to get it starting this Monday, November 16th from Beatport. Two weeks later, the other digital stores will gladly serve it to you, if you’re more of a fan of those. Either way, play the sample below to get an idea what this wall of text is about:

Beatport Exclusive: 16.11.2015    |    General Release: 30.11.2015

Country: Germany / Style: Uplifting Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Transistic Records

More info:


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