Robert Vadney – Cosmic Trance Mission [Artist Album]

Robert Vadney - Cosmic Trance Mission [Artist Album]

Robert Vadney – Cosmic Trance Mission [Album]

Ever since its inception, Pulsar Recordings has been an element of interest in the trance scene for me, but with the launch of Pulsar Dark, things got all the more interesting. What the darker sibling of the Pulsar family has unleashed this week is quite possibly one of the most noteworthy releases in its back catalogue, as you’ll discover below.

As I said in the post about Man On The Moon, the last Vadney track to really grab my attention was Wasteland, after which the change of style didn’t quite sit well with me. Fast forward to August of this year, and the aforementioned Pulsar Dark release comes into view, a release I didn’t know what to expect from, given my lack of familiarity with Robert’s more recent offerings. My surprise was all the more pleasant when the track got going and then I read the accompanying description, which hinted that more was on the way. Finally, here it is.

Cosmic Trance Mission starts off with a short teaser of sorts, in the form of Moonshot, an ambient piece, accented by the the lift-off countdown of the space shuttle. The arrangement nicely leads the listener into the second and previously released track, Man On The Moon, with its ominous presence and attention grabbing melodic component. Going forward, you encounter the superb strings and flute sounds in Strayed Satellite, a track with such a great drive and string accented outro that I had to replay it several more times before being ready to move on.

Going even further still, The Lost Planet zooms into view, with the its epic, bell-like sounds, you’d easily assume you’re listening to a film score. The lead gives it the final piece of this trancy puzzle that is without a doubt a highlight of this long player. Continuing the journey, Black Hole Zion shows its face, with a vibe that’s really reminiscent of the work of Astral Projection, benefiting from an incredible piano and synth melding in the break, and a great gated synth that is perhaps the most delightfully surprising element of this track.

Onto track number 6 and the AP influence is clearly felt, as Master Of The Universe launches with a vibe that would fit in the background of a chase scene. The introduction of the electric guitar and drums signals a change in the atmosphere, getting into near oriental territory. As an admirer of Avi and Lior’s work, I dare say Robert Vadney out-Astral Projectioned Astral Projection themselves. Fantastic track.

The end of the album draws near, but the music remains as high caliber as the previous work, with BIg Bang Theory bringing in an incredible fusion of beautiful melodic arps and 303 modulations, apparent especially in the breakdown. The climax might not be quite what you’d expect, but the build-up is one of the most unique and satisfying things I’ve heard in my 4 plus years writing for this blog.

Astral Fireworks is arguably the most multi-influence track on this album, and although it might be overwhelming at first, it soon finds its place in this intricate cosmic transmission, leading towards the closing element. Spaceman’s Theme is an over 10 minute demonstration of production prowess, absolutely nailing the turn of the century feel of trance that many appreciate to this day. The choice of lead in the last track makes its comparison to PPKResurrection nearly unavoidable, but for all the right reasons.

Cosmic Trance Mission is an OUTSTANDING (yes, I’m yelling at you, sorry about that) piece of work that might as well be my album of the year. As I wrap up this post, I feel grateful for having an opportunity to even be aware of this release, let alone share it with you people.

The album is out now, so listen to some of the samples below (and some more here) and head off to your favourite digital download store to grab this latest Vadney long player. 🙂

Get it on: Beatport | iTunes | Junodownload | Amazon

Country: Serbia / Style: Trance, Psy Trance / Year: 2015 /  Label: Pulsar Dark*

*Part of Pulsar Recordings.

Listen. If you enjoyed it, hit that like button. Even better still, share & comment if you liked it. 😀

P.S.: Check out this awesome video for Spaceman’s Theme:


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