Soundpass – Hydra EP

Soundpass - Hydra EP

Soundpass – Hydra EP

Folks familiar with the site will know that Old Baby Recordings is a name I’ve followed closely this year, and each subsequent release has succeeded in keeping my attention, one way or another. This one sees the return of a household name, Soundpass, the producer who also opened the floodgates for the label early this year. Let’s take a closer look.


Starting off with the title track, one can notice a distinct Goa-esque feeling to the entire arrangement, which underlines what many perhaps find so appealing about the psy side of the genre, namely its organic ‘flow’. Despite not being as powerful as some might want it to be, Hydra does grab you quickly and hesitates to let go as base and acids undulate from intro to break and beyond. In the end, fans of the oldies might just want to have a look at this. 🙂


Next in line is another original from Greg, one for which he’s opted for a noticeably more pronounced lower end, giving it a vibe that’s a little closer to modern day psy, without losing the older influences. For first time listeners, this might be a little harder to digest in contrast to its companion track, but as you discover more and more aspects of Calypso that you had previously not noticed, the musical puzzle finally clicks into place. Still, very enjoyable piece.

Subterranean (Chris Oblivion Origins Remix)

Perhaps the surprise of this EP is Chris Oblivion’s Origins version of the AA-side of the EP in the number one spot of OBR’s catalogue, Soundpass‘ Subterranean. The refresh extends to a glorious near 10 minute runtime, with the intro and break giving off an almost sci-fi vibe which was immensely satisfying to experience. While the original has a special place in my playlist, this reinterpretation certainly ain’t one to disregard. Beautifully done.

I ask you only to not make me choose between the three, but luckily, there’s no need. The entire package has been out for about a week and if you still haven’t grabbed it, check out the samples and snatch up these three via the links below. 🙂

Get it on: Beatport | Junodownload | Amazon

Country: Greece / Style: Psy-Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Old Baby Recordings

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