ReOrder & Lee Osborne – Escape To Freedom

ReOrder & Lee Osborne - Escape To Freedom

ReOrder & Lee Osborne – Escape To Freedom

If you think back to the release of the third installment in Mental Asylum‘s Tales series, on the 17th of last month, you might remember some pretty enjoyable productions from the tracklist, but trouble is, they’re all kind of short. Well, it’s time to cross one of them off the list as ReOrder & Lee Osborne’s collaboration sees a full release this Monday. Let’s take a closer look.

Of all the recent Asylum releases, Escape To Freedom was the one that once again grabbed my attention and never quite let go. The beginning although fairly common in terms of tech trance, sets the scene nicely for the contrasting elements to follow. From the intriguing vocal sample right at the beginning of the break, to the somewhat spacey atmosphere in the track’s breather segment, there wasn’t really any warning about how good the lead turned out to be. A great melody will pretty much always grab my attention and my oh my did this do just that. I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear the lead continue throughout the build and past the climax, and perhaps the goosebumps are all the proof one could need. Job done. 🙂

ReOrder and Lee Osborne’s collab hits Beatport this Monday, but until then, click play below and Escape To Freedom. 🙂

Beatport Exclusive: 28.09.2015    |    General Release: 12.10.2015

Country: Poland / Style: Tech Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Mental Asylum Records*

*Part of the Fraction Music Group.

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