Astrix – Sapana [VA – The Beach 2015]

VA - The Beach 2015

VA – The Beach 2015

I’ve been patiently waiting for the full version of this track ever since Astrix posted the two minute sample near the end of last year. Joy of joys, this week it finally dropped, so let’s take a closer look and see what the fuss is all about.

Folks familiar with Avi’s previous work (especially near the beginning of the decade) will immediately notice similarities between this and his remix of Flashback for example. The newest single sees the Israeli producer storm the speakers with a goosebump inducing full on psytrancer awash with intricate acid modulations and mesmerising melodic tones. Sapana (which is hindi for ‘dream’) takes the listener on an 8 minute plus trip (as underlined by the initial vocal sample) through very satisfying baseline and acid combos, straight into the sitar-driven vibes of the break and onto the crazy build-up. If the penny still hasn’t dropped for you by this point, the climax will most definitely prove this track’s worth.

Sapana is out now, as part of Fineplay‘s The Beach 2015 compilation, put together by Dithforth. 🙂

Get it on: Beatport | Trackitdown | Junodownload | Psyshop

Country: Japan / Style: (Full on) Psy Trance / Year: 2015* / Label: Fineplay Records

*Released as part of VA – The Beach 2015 compiled by Dithforth.

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