Ferrin & Morris – Light In The Dark

Ferrin & Morris - Light In The Dark

Ferrin & Morris – Light In The Dark

I’ve taken a look at what’s coming up next from German imprint Transistic Records and frankly, I believe this newest single from Ferrin & Morris will be right up your street. Let’s examine it further.

In Light In The Dark, the duo pretty much nails the pure uplifting sound that was so widespread at the beginning of the decade. A great example of balanced structure, the track takes advantage of both an energetic intro and beautiful airy pads and melody. The end result is a spine tingling build-up and superb melodic climax that is a delight to experience every single time.

The uplifting sound of 2010-2011 was the reason I even got into trance, and seeing it make a comeback makes me so very happy. I tip my hat to Ferrin & Morris for this awesome uplifter.

Light In The Dark will start shining on a Beatport near you this Monday, August 17th, with the other stores to follow two weeks later, on the 31st. Until then, enjoy the sample below. 🙂

Beatport Exclusive: 17.08.2015    |    General Release: 31.08.2015

Country: Germany / Style: Uplifting Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Transistic Records

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