[RWD] Human Evolution – Project Magneta (One Giant Leap For Mankind Mix)

2003 | ID&T

2003 | ID&T

The ReWind series exists as merely an aid in the discovery (or rather, rediscovery) of the unintentionally forgotten, or the often overlooked tracks of yesteryear.

This week, we return to the classic side of trance, with a stunning production from 2003. Not only that, but I think you’ll be surprised to find out who’s actually behind it. 🙂

As you can see, we’re talking a peek at the sadly short lived Israeli duo Human Evolution, the collective effort of Guy Zukrel and Avi Nissim (yes, Avi from Astral Projection). Although there are a couple of choices to be taken into consideration, I settled on the debut release, published by Dutch imprint ID&T in 2003, under license from Ambassadors of Trance Records.

Project Magenta comes in two flavours, depending on which side you choose: the One Giant Leap For Mankind Mix (A) or its companion, One Small Step For Man Mix (B). We’ll focus on the terrific A side, with its spacey, sci-fi kind of vibes, and of course, the unmissable presence of the supersaw and instantly recognizable vocal samples. The Northern Mix of CERN’s The Message is something this reminded me of (a superb track as well), but that’s not the subject here. What we’ve gathered here for is to enjoy this great example of trance in all its 9 and a half minute glory.

See you next week. 🙂

Country: The Netherlands / Style: Trance / Year: 2003 / Label: ID&T

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ReWind returns next week. 😀


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