Marian Closca – Tree Of Life [Artist Album]

Marian Cloșcă - Tree Of Life [Artist Album]

Marian Closca – Tree Of Life [Artist Album]

Both this site and Pulsar Recordings started out at about the same time in January of 2011. Over the 4+ years, there have been some interesting developments both for VS and Pulsar (remember the label’s 100th release?) and here we are, at yet another milestone, as the Serbian imprint goes 200 up. Since it’s such a special occasion, the folks at Pulsar HQ have lined up an artist album from someone whom they call ‘one of Romania’s best kept secrets in the trance scene’, Marian Closca. Let’s see what the fuss is all about, shall we?

What was a point of immediate interest for me was the double genre serving, with Chillout and Trance occupying equal parts of the the 10 track long player that is Tree Of Life. From the serene beginning of Celestial, to the near film score sound of Ancient Extinction and Symphony of Colours and onward with the brilliantly melodic Sophia and Beautiful Afternoon, the first half of the LP sets the bar very high. I wouldn’t mind listening to it many more times, but then again, we have half an album left to go through. After this post is done, I’ll definitely be putting the repeat button to good use. 🙂

The trancier side starts with At Dawn which, like Pacific (the next in line) is reminiscent of those early to mid 2000s ‘euro trance’ productions, I’d almost call it and ATB-esque kind of vibe. Despite me enjoying the aggressive tech trancers most of the time these days, the strong emphasis on the melody was a big plus in my view.

As the end of the album comes into view, one stumbles upon the title track, a piece which shifts the arrangement to something more familiar to listeners of contemporary uplifters, thankfully free of distortions and keeping things appropriately melodic. Gravity is undoubtedly the highlight of the package for me, presenting itself as a purely uplifting offering, one that’ll sit comfortably in my playlist for the foreseeable future. Oh yes, there’s one more thing.

The end is marked by Autobots, something I’d almost call an upbeat psy (if that’s a thing) arrangement. The Transformers vocal sample (hence the name) works well with the mad full-on surrounding structure, helping to bring it all together and end the album on a high note. Had tremendous fun listening to it.

For you curious folks out there, the album gets released August 14th, so put some cash aside and head to your preferred digital download store to grab your copy. To help you decide, some previews await in the playlist below. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go listen to some more of Gravity. 🙂

Release Date: 14.08.2015

Country: Serbia / Style: Chillout, Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Pulsar Recordings

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