[Breaks Week] The Funk Lab – Reactive (Magnus Psybreaks Remix)

Breaks Week Day 3 | The Funk Lab - Reactive (Magnus Psybreaks Remix)

Breaks Week Day 3 | The Funk Lab – Reactive (Magnus Psybreaks Remix)

This series wouldn’t be eclectic enough without a seemingly mismatched itinerary, so after visiting The Mad House, we’re off to The Funk Lab.

In case you’re not familiar, The Funk Lab is a moniker under which American producers Darryl Bain (aka B.Nice) and Clayton Swartz (aka C4 and House Wreca) released a good chunk of their material. Not only that, but there’s also the Funk Lab Records side of things, the Florida-based breaks imprint which has been used as an outlet for the duo’s solo releases and collabs since the mid 90s. And speaking of the 90s, their 1998 release I Am Electro was included on the soundtrack of EA’s Need For Speed 4High Stakes. As much as I played this particular one in the series, it’s only recently that I found this out. It’s all well and good, but what about the track, eh?

Reactive was released under Funk Lab Records at the beginning of 2012, and came with a remix from Magnus (yes, that Magnus). When you hear the name you could either think of Velvet or maybe Signal Strength or possibly Eclipse. What you might not know is that psy trance is not the only thing on Mike’s resume, but there’s some Breaks on there as well. In fact,  the March release of On Point  is not his first encounter with the genre, a point beautifully proven by his rework of Reactive.

Me further trying to describe this production would be like preventing someone from eating pie. As such, have a listen to the remix, and come back here tomorrow for some more Breaks. 🙂

Get it on: Beatport | Junodownload | iTunes

Country: US / Style: Psy Breaks / Year: 2012 / Label: Funk Lab Records

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