[Breaks Week] Chris Voro & Victims – The Mad House

Breaks Week Day 2 | Chris Voro & Victims - The Mad House (Beatman & Ludmila Remix)

Breaks Week Day 2 | Chris Voro & Victims – The Mad House

We continue with the track that kicked off proceedings for Greek label Blacked Out Recordings.

Released in November of 2013, The Mad House saw Chris Voro and Greek duo Victims (Dimitris Kolios and Lazaros Panagiotidis) join forces to create a tremendous psy breaks piece that would back up the label’s mission statement. As the name suggests, you’re in for a journey through the darkest corners of a mental institution, as the carefully picked vocal samples further emphasize the heavy atmosphere. Relentless pacing and FX wizardry aplenty come together to seal the deal on this thoroughly awesome production.

For those interested, there’s also a rework from Beatman & Ludmila included, but we’ll focus on the original for this post. I’ll leave you with the quote in the break, in case you want to sing along (so to speak).

See you tomorrow. 🙂

I’ll never get out. Oh god, what will happen to me now?

Many patients are old and often theirs is a tragedy of hospitals such as this. […] more chances for the patients to focus on specific realities outside themselves […] Finally comes the neuro-psychiatric check. Designed to bring out data related to the patient’s mental disorder.

Taken from: Mental Disorders, Illness, Health: Psychiatric Hospitals in 1950s America Source.

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Country: Greece / Style: Psy Breaks / Year: 2013 / Label: Blacked Out Recordings

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