[Breaks Week] Bad Tango – Beneath The Surface

Breaks Week Day 1 | Bad Tango - Beneath The Surface

Breaks Week Day 1 | Bad Tango – Beneath The Surface

In yesterday’s post I said there were a couple of surprises lined up for you folks, and we’re starting Breaks Week with one of them. Let’s take a closer look.

For those not familiar, Bad Tango is the moniker under which Cambridge based producer Will Railton operates, a producer who was nominated for ‘Best New Producer’ in the 2012 edition of Breakspoll International Breakbeat Awards, a year after his debut release. The following year, he was nominated in 2013’s ‘Breakthrough Producer’ category.

The squelchy sound and funky combination of psy and breaks (among other influences) is a big part of his sound, and an aspect which makes his productions especially enjoyable to listen to. If you enjoy psy-trance, this might be a good place to start experiencing the breaks side of electronic music.

It’s obvious people like free stuff, so why not give them what they like? As such, Beneath The Surface is one of Will’s unsigned tracks that he’s offering absolutely free of charge on his Soundcloud profile. After you take this one for a spin, you’ll definitely feel compelled to click the download button. Don’t believe me though, have a listen for yourself.

See you tomorrow as we continue Breaks Week.

Country: UK / Style: Psy Breaks / Year: 2010 / Free Download

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