Indecent Noise – Hydra

Indecent Noise - Hydra

Indecent Noise – Hydra

After a considerable wait, Indecent Noise is finally ready to unveil the official follow-up to last November’s ludicrous sounding Cerberus. As you’d expect, this one is equally as mad as its sibling, so let’s (cautiously) take a closer look.

In keeping with the tech / hard trance crossover that permeated the lovable hellhound‘s structure, Aleks makes use of monstrous acid lines and heavy hitting kicks in  the construction of Hydra. Leaving no stone unturned, Mental Asylum’s head honcho mixes in some war sirens for an added layer of insanity, leaving the listener wondering whether to stick around or run in the opposite direction. It might not be a regular occurrence, but when you finally do get this ‘flavour’ of trance popping up, you can’t help but take notice. I personally enjoyed the hell out of Cerberus and it looks like Hydra is shaping up to be just as enjoyable.

With no one on hand to tame the beast, Indecent Noise‘s Hydra gets unleashed on Beatport on July 20th, with the other stores getting a couple more weeks to prepare for the encounter. As always, the sample awaits below.

Beatport Exclusive: 20.07.2015    |    General Release: 03.08.2015

Country: Poland / Style: Hard Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Mental Asylum Records*

*Part of the Fraction Music Group.

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