Miro – Paradise (Remixed)

Miro - Paradise (Remixed)

Miro – Paradise (Remixed)

There’s a 17 year gap between the original release of Miro‘s Paradise under legendary imprint Hooj Choons and this 2015 re-heat package from Lost Language. There’s no doubt a lot has changed in music since then, so let’s see how Casey RaschDeepfunk and Mindwave have put their own spin on this classic.

Casey Rasch Wax Remix

First up is one of two remixes from Casey, the Wax Remix, with its hard edged, psy infused sound. A well defined kick and baseline propel this one on the satisfying journey from intro to break and beyond. The harder edge gets nicely eroded as one gets fully immersed in the track’s breakdown, which features the vocals of Julie Harrington. All in all, he’s created an interesting modern rework, but we’re not quite done yet, since there’s more from mr. Rasch.

Casey Rasch Wane Remix

Unlike its sibling, the Wane Remix goes on a more progressive route, with a slightly blunter edge and an overall more relaxed vibe. It would be best described as another side of the same coin, providing the listener with all that was great about the Wax version, but in a slightly proggier and more atmospheric package. Even the vocals seem to pop out a little more in this one, which, unlike what you’ll hear me usually say, is actually welcome.

Deepfunk Remix

The sound of this version is definitely hinted at by the name of the remixer, in the sense that the 9 minute and a half reheat features a delightfully funky arrangement of elements. From the chopped vocals to the quite present acids and punchy kicks, Deepfunk manages to create a stunning atmosphere that does justice to the source material. Very pleased with how this turned out.

Mindwave Remix

It might be last in the order, but the Mindwave remix was the one that caught my eye initally. The folks at Lost Language describe this as ‘balearic-psy’, but copying and pasting that would be an act of laziness from me, so I won’t do it. What I will say is that the more melodic aspect and the prog-psy combination underpinning the entire thing is absolutely superb to wrap one’s ears around. Adding to the overall atmosphere, the gated synth and disparate, jazzy saxophone sounds really take this over the top and straight into my favourites box. Simply stunning.

Whether you’re a huge fan of the Mindwave remix like me, or are leaning more towards the others, you’ll be able to pick your copy this Monday, June 22nd. Until said date rolls around, have a listen to the samples provided. Go on, listen. 🙂

Release Date: 22.06.2015

Country: UK / Style: Progressive, Psy Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Lost Language

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