Astro-D & Felipe Costa – Into The Light EP

Astro-D & Felipe Costa - Into The Light EP

Astro-D & Felipe Costa – Into The Light EP

After releasing his debut album back in February under Geomagnetic RecordsDimitris Bletsas took a little detour and last month turned in a fittingly unique rework of Chris Oblivion’s Ecosystem for Old Baby Recordings. This latest material sees Astro-D circle back to Geomagnetic for a double number in collaboration with Brazilian guitarist Felipe Costa. Let’s put this one under the microscope a tad, yeah?

Into The Light  starts off as any psy trancer would, with its prominent base, joined by the guitar soon after. If at first these sounds imprint a slightly sci-fi feel to the track, near the middle of the arrangement is where Felipe really starts showing his prowess, transitioning the overall vibe into something reminiscent of a video game soundtrack. The combination, although surprising, works very well, regardless of the supporting FX or percussion. No further spoilers though, go right ahead and see how much this has to offer.

Flip the EP over and you encounter Flashback, the second of the collabs between Dimitris and Felipe. On this occasion, the guitar has a much bigger role in the overall arrangement with Felipe providing a nice solo right off the bat. What also hit me immediately was just how much more the baseline can be felt in this one. There’s no messing around, it isn’t flimsy or dry sounding, it confidently thunders along with its grumbling, menacing low-end. Full of little FX and twists, Flashback definitely earns its place in the package and does a great job of keeping the listener entertained. Oh and by the way, the guitar is the real deal. No software involved. 🙂

I personally have enjoyed these two tracks a fair bit, and if you did too, you’ll be able to get them starting June 15th from Psyshop. Check out this sample below. 🙂

Release Date: 15.06.2015

Country: US / Style: Psy-Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Geomagnetic Records

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