Chris Oblivion – Ecosystem EP

Chris Oblivion - Ecosystem EP

Chris Oblivion – Ecosystem EP

Continuing its focus on new tracks with an old feeling, Old Baby Recordings offers up a brand new production from label head Chris Oblivion, with remixes from Astro-D and Soundpass. Let’s take a closer look at the EP from OBR’s 5th back catalogue spot.

Original Mix

As you’ve been able to gather from the previous release, OBR is intent on resurrecting the old Goa sounds, all the while making good use of the advances in production tech. Chris’ Ecosystem drives this message across beautifully, with its chunky psy base and mysterious pads prepping the terrain for what’s to come. As we slip towards the break, the melody slowly makes an entrance, inducing the supremely satisfying state that has given trance its name. The vocal sample used in the break fits well within the constraints of the arrangement, at the same time providing a thought-provoking change of perspective in regards to man’s impact on the environment. The build exhibits a similarly balanced structure, just like the rest of the track. In some ways, it’s reminiscent of Chris’ version of Step Beyond, which is great, since that’s one of my favourites from last year. An undoubtedly solid original, but let’s also take a peek at the remixes, shall we?

Astro-D Remix

For his reshuffle, Astro-D ups the pace a bit, opting for a slightly different baseline, but keeping proceedings imprinted with a psy flavour. FX get sprinkled throughout the track liberally, panning from left to right in a suitably organic fashion. Add to that the absolute high point of this rework, the gated melody, and you’ve got a fantastic reflection of old Goa with a new twist. The break is shorter, with the vocal sample noticeably absent, but that doesn’t impact the track in any negative way. If anything, it further enhances the overall effect Astro was looking to achieve. In short, bang on the money.

Soundpass Remix

The second and final rework comes from Greg Filaretos, better known to you and me as Soundpass. The way I could describe this is a best of both worlds scenario, combining the mysterious nature of the source material, with the slightly more high paced rhythm of Astro’s version. Not to be overshadowed by the other two, Greg’s reinterpretation also accentuates the percussion elements a little more and leaves the vocal sample well situated, if changed a little. The lead also gets a nice treatment, emphasizing once more just how good a psy production can sound, if done well. Really pleased with how this one sounds.

Time is still plenty to figure out which one of these three is your most favourite of favourites, and come May 18th, you’ll also be able to pick up the EP from digital stores all over. All that’s left to do is enjoy these teasers. 🙂

Release Date: 18.05.2015

Country: Greece / Style: Psy Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Old Baby Recordings

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