Peter O’ski – Bay EP

Peter O'ski - Bay EP

Peter O’ski – Bay EP

While winter is still deciding whether to trade places with spring or hang on just a little longer, there’s nothing stopping you from looking forward to the torrid days of July. That’s precisely what Polish producer Peter O’ski has done with his latest Pulsar Recordings track, so let’s take a closer look at it.

Original Mix

Although I feel weird referring to the current period as ‘2010s’, I will say that at the begging of the decade, when I first got into trance, the styles were still somewhat distinct, with very little in the way of influences. Back then, the sound of Anjunabeats or Enhanced was something you could pick out from a myriad of other imprints, which is not really the case anymore. They’ve moved on, but so has the sound, and it has found a place in Peter’s newest track, Bay. Even though it’s more of a cross between progressive and uplifting, the melodic side is still very prominent, with the vocal chops and pads adding a nice layer of complexity to the arrangement. Genuinely great thing to listen to.

Mike Retek Remix

First up for remix duties is Romanian producer Florin Mihai Pătru aka Mike Retek, who puts an even more progressive twist on Peter’s original. A longer breakdown, a new synth and a slightly toned down set of vocal chops give this one a very summer-y feel, which only comes to accentuate the piano that’s been kept from the original. In many ways, it reminds me of the sound of Dinka, one of my personal favourite prog-house acts. Lightweight, but with all the necessary umph to not sound bland or dry. Very nice rendition.

Adam Lester Chillout Mix

The second and final rework comes from Machester-based producer Adam Lester and it’s a pretty cool surprise, to be honest. You’ve seen me drift a little more towards the Chillout end of electronic music (especially last year), so Adam’s Chillout Mix was definitely a break from what I usually wrap my ears around. As is with any track of this sort, the melody was drawn out, with sporadic kicks and slightly more pronounced vocal chops being placed throughout the composition. A refreshing take on the original and undoubtedly my favourite mix of the bunch.

Peter O’ski‘s Bay EP, with Mike Retek and Adam Lester mixes is out Monday, April 6th, exclusively on Beatport. Two weeks after, it’ll be released globally, but until then, check out the samples above and below. 🙂

Beatport Exclusive: 06.04.2015    |    General Release: 20.04.2015

Country: Serbia / Style: Progressive Trance, Chillout / Year: 2015 / Label: Pulsar Recordings

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