Simon Bostock – Suraya

Simon Bostock - Suraya

Simon Bostock – Suraya

Simon Bostock and Monster Force cross paths once more, a month after his return to the scene and debut on the imprint. Given the stunning double track EP he released back in February, his newest single has a tough job coming head to head with the previous material. Let’s take a closer look.

Although I won’t say no to tech trance, psy trance or progressive trance, I still have a soft spot for the pure melodic uplifters, which explains why I like Suraya so much. Be it the acid tipped intro, with its accompanying vocal chops and those really punchy kicks, or the really atmospheric break, this track has pretty much all I’m looking for. Don’t worry, it has a climax too, as befits any production of this type, climax which caps things off on a suitably melodic note. Modern day trance, with a discernible classic twist is a joy to listen to, so excuse me while I go and do just that.

I honestly didn’t expect Simon to return to Monster Force this soon, but hey, I’m not complaining. I’m not your accountant,  but if I was, I’d definitely let you spend your money on this track. Twice.

Simon Bostock‘s Suraya is out now, exclusively on Beatport. General release in two weeks time. 🙂

Beatport Exclusive: 30.03.2015 (Out Now)   |    General Release: 13.04.2015

Country: UK / Style: Uplifting Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Monster Force

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