Johann Bley – Stranded (1200 Micrograms Remix)

Johann Bley - Stranded (1200 Micrograms Remix)

Johann Bley – Stranded (1200 Micrograms Remix)

18 years back, Johann Bley’s Stranded was unleashed into the wild trance scene, alongside the Delta Remix. Taking inspiration from the latter version, a brand new rework from 1200 Micrograms seeks to recapture the vibe of this Goa classic. Let’s take a closer look.

Updating a classic is a tough job partly because of the nostalgia people associate with the original sounds, and partly because it’s difficult to update something whilst keeping the original vibe somewhat intact. That said, 1200 Micrograms has somehow managed to give Stranded a clearer, more punchy sound, redoing the guitars with the help of Lenny Ibizare, and keeping the tempo firmly pinned on high throughout the track. All in all, it’s a reheat that does justice to its original counterpart, a reheat which reminded me of Astral Projection’s The Nexus, one of my favourites from the Israelian duo.

The 1200 Micrograms remix of Stranded is out Monday, March 23rd. Have a listen to it below. 🙂

Release Date: 23.03.2015

Country: Spain / Style: Psy Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: TIP World / Records

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