Miles – Syre EP

Miles - Syre EP

Miles – Syre EP

Discover Dark is one of my favourite labels in the scene, so I try to feature as many of their releases as I can. That said, I thought it was time to let other imprints also have their moment in the spotlight, hence the rather large hiatus since the last Dark feature. Don’t worry though, the latest EP from Discover’s darker sister label has definitely caught my attention, so I decided to share it with you people. Let’s see what’s inside.

Original Mix

Danish producer Miles makes a dark comeback with the sour tones of Syre, a great big tech trancer for fans of the upper range of the genre’s BPM spectrum. The track wastes no time, hitting you right in the face with its prominent rolling base and oversized acids. A quirky dial tone serves as a transition into the breakdown, break which features sporadic vocal snippets and slightly distorted FX, all setting the scene for what’s about to happen. As the lead slowly rises, the acids race back into the mix, and track thunders toward its tech-soaked climax. Really digging this one. 😀

Changes Remix

The folks at Dark HQ have assigned remix duties to Slovenian producer Gasper Pavlic aka G8 who, under his Changes moniker, packages and delivers what Recoverworld folks say is a ‘brutal reimagining’ of the original. Well, they certainly hit the nail right on the head with the description, as the remix is full of little details that emphasize its dark underpinnings. With a much more underlined base, a sporadic set of vocal chops and an altered break and climax, Gasper has transformed Syre into a superb representation of all that is great about tech trance and underground trance in general. Proper stuff.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect much going in, since the Discover Dark releases in recent months haven’t really sat well with me. You can imagine my surprise when I let these two versions unfold, and I’m glad to say the Dark has drawn me back into its force field with this EP.

Miles‘ stunning Syre EP with the thunderous Changes remix is heading towards release on March 16th under Discover Dark. Have a listen to these two and see what you think. 🙂

Release Date: 16.03.2015

Country: UK / Style: Tech Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Discover DARK*

*Part of the  Recoverworld Label Group.

Listen. If you enjoyed it, hit that like button. Even better still, share & comment if you liked it. 😀


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