Orkidea – Revolution Industrielle

Orkidea - Revolution Industrielle

Orkidea – Revolution Industrielle

If last year’s Slowmotion III and Purity are any indication, Orkidea‘s upcoming album is going to receive a warm welcome from fans of trance’s more progressive side. Until then, the Finnish producer & DJ takes on the monumental task of updating one of Jean Michelle Jarre’s classics.

Looking through the back catalogue,  Orkidea selected JMJ’s 1988 track Revolution Industrielle and started crafting his trademark cutting-edge progressive sound around the original melody. A masterful blend of FX and careful balancing of sounds has resulted in an updated version that straddles the line between the club vibe and one that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. Warm in its approach, Tapio’s reheat shows great respect for the source material, exposing JMJ’s compositions to a brand new generation of listeners. To quote the track itself, the Jarre sound is back making the rounds on dancefloors around the world, ‘Today, Tomorrow…Forever’.

Orkidea‘s ingenious update of Revolution Industrielle is out now exclusively on Beatport. A couple of weeks from now, you’ll be able to purchase it via other digital download stores, in case you’re a bigger fan of those. Below you’ll find the official teaser and the longer version of the track, taken from Radio Unity episode 070. Enjoy. 🙂

Official Teaser

Longer version (at the 13:10 mark)

Beatport Exclusive: 02.03.2015 (Out now)    |    General Release: 16.03.2015

Country: The Netherlands / Style: Progressive Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Black Hole

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