Liam Wilson – Escarpins (Will Rees Remix)

Liam Wilson - Escarpins (Will Rees Remix)

Liam Wilson – Escarpins (Will Rees Remix)

Last October, KSX regular Liam Wilson unleashed his psy influenced original of Escarpins onto digital download stores everywhere. Come Monday, you’ll be able to get your hands on a brad new reinterpretation from Will Rees, so let’s take a closer look at how it sounds.

Will shifts things around drastically, choosing to slide in a vocal sample (which takes a big part of the break), and to highlight the harder, more tech oriented component of the original. The melodic side gets toned down, with the very enjoyable acid line carrying the weight of the track all the way to the energetic climax. I’m a huge fan of properly done acids, and this one had me interested from the very beginning. As the tagline of the site reads, I can’t recommend this enough if you’re a tech trance fan. Awesome rework from Will.

The Will Rees remix of Escarpins is out February 16th, exclusively to Trackitdown. General release will follow two weeks later, on March 2nd. Check out the sample below:

Trackitdown Exclusive: 16.02.2015    |    General Release: 02.03.2015

Country: Australia / Style: Tech Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Critical State*

*Part of the Komplex Sounds label group.

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