Astro D – Astro Navigation [Debut Album]

Astro D - Astro Navigation [Album]

Astro D – Astro Navigation [Album]

It’s been a busy couple of years for Greek producer Dimitris Bletsas aka Astro D, and the material you see featured here is his debut artist album Astro Navigation, a culmination of all that hard work. This 9 track long player features both solo tracks and remixes for some big Goa tracks from back in the day, so let’s take a closer look at it.

The album leads with the first of two originals, Infinity Dream, which I thoroughly enjoyed, as I did his other original, Night Sun. The delightful acid modulation in the latter made it a real treat to listen to, and highlighted it as the stronger of the two, in my opinion. Night Sun is one of those few tracks I wouldn’t mind having on a loop because the arrangement lends itself very well to that. Pumping and energetic, as a psy trancer should be. Thumbs up.

And now, let’s move on to the tricky matter of the remixes. I say tricky because, as you know, remixing classics is a delicate thing. Not only will the new version be compared to the original, but people in general like to complain about everything. I’ll focus on the positive aspects, in case you didn’t already figure it out. 🙂

Astro has an impressive stack of Goa classics lined up for his remix treatment, including Braincell‘s Distorted Energy, Etnica‘s Lunar ContactEndeavour‘s Alucinante,  California Sunshine‘s Alala and Ubar Tmar‘s Cosmodrome. It’s difficult to pick a favourite because I genuinely enjoy  all of them, but if I really had to, I guess the Alala rework would be my choice. I feel like the more prominent base a clearer sounds have definitely been a positive addition to the original. Big fan of the update.

Nope, you didn’t forget how to count, there are indeed two more tracks I haven’t said anything about, and that’s the two reworks Astro has teamed up with his buddy Chris Oblivion for. The two have had some great rework collaborations over time (their remix of Fixation is a recent enough release that springs to mind), so I was excited to see them team up once more to update Manmademan ‘s Desire and  Elegy‘s I Motion. Chris posted a sample of the latter several months back, and I’ve been very curious as to when it would be released. The fact that it was marked “ID-ID” didn’t help things along, but hey, it’s finally out, so there’s that.

The physical CD is out now on Psyshop (it’s even CD of the Week), but if you want the digital version you’ll have to wait a little longer, as it’ll be available next month. The digital version will also come with two bonus tracks, Toccare Ill Cielo and Psytraveler  so your patience will be rewarded.

This site is still very much a hobby for me, so I prefer to use my time to feature tracks (or albums) I genuinely enjoy listening to. That’s been the case with Astro D‘s debut album, from his two originals, to the remixes and even the bonus tracks. If you’re a fan of psy trance, check this one out via the playlist below. And hey, if it strikes your fancy, grab the physical CD via the link underneath.

Enough of this text thing, here’s the music. 🙂


Country: US / Style: Psy-Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Geomagnetic Records

Listen. If you enjoyed it, hit that like button. Even better still, share & comment if you liked it. 😀


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