Simon Templar vs. The Digital Blonde – The Wasteland

Simon Templar & The Digital Blonde - The Wasteland

Simon Templar & The Digital Blonde – The Wasteland (P I & II)

There has always been this separation of commercial and underground, and like many other genres, trance’s darker, deeper side often times gets less attention than it should. While correcting the bias for the former is a laborious process, I can at least shift you attention towards one of the best representatives of the deeper end of the spectrum, JOOF Recordings. The newest release is proof of their commitment to keeping alive this genre’s dark and hypnotic armory of sounds.

The brand new material from JOOF sees two of the current biggest names in underground trance, Simon Templar and The Digital Blonde join forces for a two part trip down the lesser beaten paths of the trance spectrum.

The Wasteland explores a moodier, more atmospherically driven representation of the genre we all know, with the stunning acid slab chugging along and pushing the track to its far reaching breakdown. Depending on which part you choose, the break either goes the darker, more mysterious way (Part I) or the rather more epic, more emotionally charged path (Part II). Either way, it’s a very enjoyable experience.

This two parter is quite frankly a genious move from JOOF (following in the footsteps of two-parters before it, of course) in that the listener is given both a mellower, more laid back version (Part I) plus the peak time variant (Part II), completing a stunning package that should be a no-brainer purchase for any fan of this sound.

Simon Templar The Digital Blonde‘s The Wasteland is out now on Beatport. Have a listen below, and see what you think. 🙂

Part I

Part II

Beatport Release: 02.02.2015  (Out now)  |    General Release: 16.02.2015

Country: UK / Style: Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: JOOF Recordings

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