Andy Ling – Fixation (Remix EP)

Andy Ling - Fixation EP [Remixes]

Andy Ling – Fixation EP [Remixes]

UK’s Hooj Choons had some pretty fantastic releases back in the day (clue’s in the name, really), but due to financial difficulties, the label hasn’t been quite as big a part of the scene lately. No matter, its trance off-shoot Lost Language took the reins, and under the leadership of Ben Lost is now resurrecting what’s arguably one of Hooj‘s biggest classics, Andy Ling‘s Fixation. With Relaunch and Chris Oblivion & Astro D on remix duties, this EP piqued my interest quite quickly. Let’s see what’s inside.

Relaunch Remix

Relaunch‘s rework has been described by the folks at Lost Language as “the mother of all prog-trance mixes”, a statement with which I can’t help but agree.

The kick and baseline are a lot more pronounced, the atmosphere is heavier, darker, and the entire arrangement creates a supremely enjoyable feeling. The slowly rising gated vocals, the sporadic synth interventions in the intro, and the overall pacing of the rework give it an almost surreal vibe, something that’s so refreshing to hear in a scene apparently obsessed with loudness wars.

The expansive atmosphere in the break, along with the smooth progressive rhythms underpinning the entire mix are the highlights of Relaunch‘s rework, at least in my view. A taste of the old, with a touch of the new that brings this classic right into the 21st century. Awesome.

Chris Oblivion & Astro D Remix

Ah yes, Chris Oblivion & Astro D. I’ve been watching them closely since the release of Step Beyond on Pharmacy Music, so I was immediately intrigued by their contribution to this classic. As you all know, I love a good build-up, and these two have in fact delivered brilliantly on their assignment.

A faster approach than the Relaunch remix, coupled with a prominent part played by the oh-so good sound of the TB 303. There’s a lot of teasing that goes on, with snare rolls, big, reverbed kicks, vibra-slap interventions (that rattle snake-like sound), the synth swells and on and on. After 3 months of near daily plays, I’m still very impressed by the way the acids have been woven into the original. Of the two reworks, this is my favourite.

Out Monday, January 26th.

Release Date: 26.01.2015

Country: UK / Style: (Acid-influenced)Progressive Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Lost Language

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